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Spheric Assurance is an internationally recognized insurance company insuring business owners, senior executives and high net-worth individuals in the United States and Latin America. We take exceptional pride in assisting our clients to receive the most comprehensive niche insurance products available. Since our inception in 2007, the firm has persevered to secure superior insurance portfolios for our clients which resulted in Spheric Assurance becoming a global leader in high-end niche insurance products.

Whether you prefer an astute insurance expert fluent in English or Spanish, our erudite, bilingual insurance personnel can advise you on the technical aspects of our up-to-date insurance policies including: kidnapping and ransom insurance, personal accident insurance, loss of license insurance and personal disability insurance.

For a superior, personalized insurance portfolio, contact Spheric Assurance by calling (210) 499-0700 or online by filling out our "contact us" form. We look forward to consolidating your assets and peace of mind.



Kidnapping & Ransom Insurance

Latin America, due to its success as an emerging market, has attracted a lot of global investment and tourism. Unfortunately, this success has also resulted in an increase in kidnaps and ransoms in the region. This is devastating and potentially life-threatening news for many businesses and individuals living in or traveling to Latin America.

At Spheric Assurance, we believe it is in the best interest of business owners, senior executives and high-net-worth individuals to procure Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance, especially if you frequently visit or call Latin America home. Let Spheric Assurance keep your assets, employees and loved ones safe with the proper K and R insurance coverage.


Loss of License Insurance

A pilot is subject to strict medical qualifications in order to exercise the privileges of a pilot license. Many health issues that would not affect the ability of a traditional workplace employee to continue working could easily cause a pilot to temporarily or permanently lose his or her license.

Loss of license insurance from Spheric Assurance protects pilots from any financial consequences that may arise from the loss of their license to fly. Spheric Assurance can give you the peace of mind you need to fly freely.


Personal Accidents Insurance

Accidents are never planned or expected, they simply happen. Although you can never be fully prepared for them, you can cushion the financial blow that usually accompanies accidents with Personal Accident Insurance from Spheric Assurance . Personal Accident Insurance will protect your financial well-being by paying out a lump sum for the insured amount. This insurance also serves to protect your family or listed beneficiaries in the tragic case the covered accident results in death.


Construction Insurance

Construction is an integral part of the future. Literally building societies' platforms from the ground up. Spheric Assurance mitigates the risk of those who seek to protect investments in commerical and private property. The firm has the specialized tools necessary to offer lines in builders risk, construction defects and contractors equipment throughout Latin America.

Spheric Assurance has reinsurance capacity for construction and our in-depth and data heavy underwriting process positions us as a superior construction insurance partner for you or your clients.

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Why Choose Spheric Assurance?

Spheric Assurance has been serving top of the line insurance to high net-worth clients for over 10 years. We specialize in niche insurance for high net-worth individuals, senior executives and owners of large companies, giving us the expertise you need when it comes to buying high-limit insurance and sophisticated carriers.

We strive to exceed in providing our customers with the service and expertise they deserve. Our work doesn't end when we find you a policy. We work on your side when you have a loss and follow through to see that you get exceptional service, as well as fair and prompt payment on your claims. Let Spheric Assurance show you how excellent insurance coverage is done the right way.


Prompt Service

Spheric Assurance Company offers prompt service, ensuring the high-end insurance coverage you need can be formulated as soon as possible. We have standardized products that fit most of our client's needs, but we also create superior tailored programs for those particular clients that have a specific need. You deserve peace of mind. Let Spheric Assurance provide it.



Spheric Assurance has been providing top of the line insurance solutions for high net-worth individuals, specialized groups and diverse businesses in the region since 2007. Our expertise concentrates in designing insurance solutions for individuals or small groups seeking Kidnap and Ransom Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Loss of License Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance.



Our customers our are number one priority since our inception over 12 years ago. We have made our relationship with our clients the essence of our business and it has followed us to this day. Trust us when we say, we're here for you. Our team of experienced insurance experts would be more than pleased to serve you the highest quality insurance solution for your individual need.

Spheric Assurance: Security Begins With Relationships

At Spheric Assurance Company, our individually tailored insurance portfolios are designed with only our members in mind. Our process begins with the ease of acquisition, followed by the peace of mind and security that comes from comprehensive personal and professional asset insurance protection. We make risk a thing of the past. Contact us today at 210-499-0700 to start your alliance with Spheric Assurance.