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    Yacht - Marine Insurance

    by Spheric Assurance


Unique programs for coverage in the U.S. and all across Latin America

Spheric prides itself on integrity, customer service and confidentiality.

Through years of experience, Spheric Assurance has cultivated the expertise necessary to craft a marine insurance program specifically for latin american owners. This program consists of four categories, which are described below.

The four categories of the program are:

  • Spheric Watercraft Insurance
    • (Boats Under $500k USD in Hull Value)
  • Spheric Luxury Yacht Insurance
    • (Yachts $501k - $4m USD in Hull Value)
  • Spheric Premier Insurance
    • (Yachts $4m - $9.9m USD in Hull Value)
  • Spheric Platinum Insurance
    • (Yachts $10m+ USD in Hull Value)

The watercraft and luxury yacht categories have three unique options in terms of the coverage:

  1. Hull Coverage (No Primary Indemnity Coverage)
  2. Plus Coverage (P&I up to Hull Value and medical expenses $5k - $50k USD)
  3. Magnum Coverage (P&I up to 150% of Hull Value and medical expenses $10k - $100k USD)

Spheric Assurance is committed to providing you with A+ and 1st class insurance and service throughout the entire process from quoting to claims.

We are specialists in providing you with unique coverage and have a keen interest in making sure your risk is mitigated.

If you wish to get a direct quote on your boat please feel free to fill out our quick quote form below.

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